Photo courtesy of the artist
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Lichen Kelp/ Forum of Sensory Motion From afar it was an island -EXHIBITION POSTPONED- 30 July – 28 August 2021
Photo courtesy of the artist

From Afar It Was An Island is a collection of future artefacts from Lichen Kelp’s upcoming performances and art adventures. A stationary portable seaweed library and landlocked musical watercraft await take off. Frustrated desires tinged by solastalgia are left behind as the works have heightened moments of quiet optimism outdoors before returning to the protected environs of the gallery for group discussions and impromptu collaborative performances. For the duration of the show, the gallery will operate as a cave within an island, a boat shed for tinkering, storing ideas and gear and a bothy for co-sheltering from the wildness of the CBD.

Lichen Kelp works with scientific principles of experimentation, colour chemistry and chemical reactions to investigate the materiality of process, replicating changing weather patterns and reimagining nature. Fluid and subversive experiments and performances arise and result in submersive liquid paintings combining bubbling solutions and localised flora. Otherworldly landscapes created by domestic ingredients and a lurid botanical palette disrupt our notions of beauty and the (un)natural.

Lichen Kelp’s practice encompasses performance, photography, musical collaboration, curating artist residencies and group shows and public engagement through workshops, group actions and publications.