Photo courtesy of Orson Heidrich
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Photo courtesy of Orson Heidrich
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'Platform for Shared Praxis' 04, Zoe Bastin, 'Volition', C3, 2019 - 2022
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'Platform for Shared Praxis' 03, 2018, Tokyo University of the Arts, Museum
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'Platform for Shared Praxis' 03, Nao Osada, 'Goodwill', 2018
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Agatha Gothe-Snape, Zoe Bastin, Mitchell Cumming, Brian Fuata, Helen Grogan, Yuko Hasegawa (JP), Hirofumi Isoya (JP), Jesse Hogan, Anna John, Haruko Kumakura (JP), Joel Kirkham (JP/NZ), Hiroaki Morita (JP), Kana Nishio (JP), Yuki Okumura (JP), Nao Osada (JP), Katie Paine, Manami Seki (JP), Brooke Amity Stamp, Hiroshi Sugito (JP), Atelier Ranzan (JP), 4649 Galerie Tokyo (JP). Curated by Jesse Hogan - CAVES Guest Curator Program 2021 PLATFORM FOR SHARED PRAXIS #04 1 - 23 April 2022
Photo courtesy of Orson Heidrich

The exhibition work Platform for Shared Praxis contains important archival fragments, parts of completed projects, and small works, or ‘Specific Objects’ by Japanese and Australian artists. The constructed Platform installation unifies all these disparate ‘artifacts of practice’ into a single whole multi-medium installation work. Conveying notions of curation, collaboration, and cultural exchange, et al. Platform for Shared Praxis presents an overview of interconnected practices (Praxis).

Curator - Jesse Hogan
This exhibition is a part of CAVES Guest
Curator Program 2021 - and made possible with
support from Creative Victoria.

Agatha Gothe-Snape / Is Represented by The Commercial, Sydney
Mitchell Cumming – Knulp / AJAR 
Yuko Hasegawa / Artistic Director 21st Century Museum of Art Kanazawa
Hirofumi Isoya /  Is Represented by Aoyama | Meguro 
Haruko Kumakura / MAM - Assistant Curator Mori Art Museum
Joel Kirkham / Goya Curtain 
Hiroaki Morita /  Is Represented by Aoyama | Meguro, Tokyo
Yuki Okumura / Is Represented by Misako & Rosen, Tokyo
Hiroshi Sugito / Is Represented by Tomio Koyama, Tokyo
Atelier Ranzan Studio, Tokyo
4649 / 4649 Gallery + XYZ Collective Tokyo