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Richard Bryant & Michael Harrison 13 October - 4 November 2017

Curated by Robert Heald Gallery
Photos by Ruben Bull-Milne

Richard Bryant
Born 1984, Auckland, New Zealand
BFA, Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, 2005
Solo Exhibitions 2018
Extract, Withdraw Earthwards (w/ Philadelphia Wireman), Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington
Excerpts (organised by Patrick Lundberg), State Gallery, Auckland (w/ Michael Harrison), CAVES, Melbourne
The Wrenching Scale, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland
Knuckle Tree, Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington
The Strata of Silence, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland
Re-Echo, Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington
Threads cement, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland
audible, adrift, Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington
The New Fair (w/ Patrick Lundberg), KALIMANRAWLINS, Melbourne
Conditions of Light, Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington
plume (w/ Richard Frater), TCB art inc., Melbourne
Richard Bryant (w/ Matt Hinkley), Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington
Walking and turning at different lengths, High Street Project, Christchurch
Richard Bryant, Newcall Gallery, Auckland
Off-site project, Auckland apartment

Left Glass, Room 103, Auckland
Group Exhibitions
Chain of Mountains, TCB art inc., Melbourne
Cut + Paste: The Practice of Collage, The Dowse, Lower Hutt
Atoms, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland
Assume Nothing, Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland
Cy (group show), Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington
Robert Heald Gallery, Auckland Art Fair
In Any Case, Ostrale`011, Dresden
Paintings Paintings, Window, University of Auckland
Swallows & Amazons, Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington
Sue Crockford Gallery Project Space, Auckland
Sleep by Windows, Snowhite Gallery, Unitec, Auckland
YY, Dep_art_ment, Auckland
Two Works, Happy, Auckland
Paintings, Window, University of Auckland
Monuments Dreaming of Me, Blue Oyster Art Project Space, Dunedin
PX - Snow Falls in the Mountains Without Wind, St Paul Street Gallery, AUT, Auckland
Out of Order, St Paul Street Gallery, AUT, Auckland 2006
Sleep, Eat Food, Have Visions, Room 103, Auckland 2005
The Code of Interdependence, Special Gallery, Auckland

Michael Harrison
Born Auckland, New Zealand, 1961
BFA, Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, 1985
MFA, Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, 1996
Solo Exhibitions


Teardrop Rays, Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington
The Curve of Fortune, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland Saturn Trine Pluto, Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington
The Accident of Ourselves, Brett McDowell Gallery, Dunedin Buried in the Light, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney

(w/ Richard Bryant), CAVES, Melbourne

Species Chaos, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland 

The Compressive Arc, Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington 


Escape Activity, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland 

Realisation is Endless, Brett McDowell Gallery, Dunedin

Observer State, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland

Memory Cells, Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington 

Local Supercluster, Brett McDowell Gallery, Dunedin


Symmetrical Voice, Ivan Anthony, Auckland

Search Friction, Robert Heald Gallery, Wellington 2013
Invasion Biology, Brett McDowell Gallery, Dunedin Tinder and Timber, Ramp Gallery, Wintec, Hamilton Trace of a Place, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland


Venus in the Tenth House, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland

The Heat of Winter, Brett McDowell Gallery, Dunedin
From This World to the Next, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland 2010
Waking Up Late, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney
A Slave to your Secret, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland 

Map to Find a Map, Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington 2009
Shapes of Thoughts, Brett McDowell Gallery, Dunedin
 Sun Square Saturn, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland
Cascade Effect, Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington 


Daytime of the Night, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney
Michael Harrison, Brett McDowell Gallery, Dunedin
Example of the Ravens, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland
Destination (w/ Kirstin Carlin), Snowwhite, Auckland
Crater of Phlox (w/ Yvonne Todd), Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland
Left Below, Brooke Gifford Gallery, Christchurch
A Moment in the Glass, Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington
Nothing Happened, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney
Hard to Get, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland
Supposed to Know, Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington
Strangers as Messengers, Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington
Somebody Up Ahead, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland
New Eyes (w/ Brendon Wilkinson), Brooke Gifford Gallery, Christchurch

Dogleg Road, Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington Revolutionary Charm, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney Misty Solution, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland 2003
Love in the Shadows, Dunedin Public Art Gallery; City Gallery, Wellington Wrong Intelligence, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland
Dare to Lose to Win (w/ Saskia Leek), Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington