Vita Cochran, ‘embroidery practice’ 2021, 47 x 36cm. Courtesy of the artist
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Benjamin Baker, Sarah CrowEST, Kathryn Tsui, Violetta Del Conte-Race, Vincent Meyrick, Genevieve Griffiths, Louise Weaver, Claudia Bloxsome, Rachel Hope Peary, Tia Ansell, Jade Townsend, Sera Waters, Daegan Wells, Melanie Cobham, Emily Hartley Skudder, Alice Alva, Akira Akira, Phoebe Patcher, Anna Dunnill, Melinda Harper, Bronte Stolz, Jacqueline Stojanovic, Isabella Darcy, Kate Tucker, Jahnne Pasco-White, Spencer Lai, Camille Laddawan, Hannah Gartside, Laura Skerlj, Phoebe Millicent, Mashara Wachjudy, Angie Pai, Katie West, Matt Arbuckle, Lucina Lane, Vita Cochran, Paul Yore, Nadia Hernández, Kate Just, Kathy Temin, Elizabeth Pulie, Amelia Dowling, Jackson McLaren, Ruth Cummins, Maggie Brink, Jimmy Roche, Aidan Renata, Jemi Gale, Anna Varendorff, Anne-Marie May, Clare Wohlnick, Anna Fiedler, Madeline Simm Text Tile 24 June - 16 July 2022
Vita Cochran, ‘embroidery practice’ 2021, 47 x 36cm. Courtesy of the artist

Text Tile showcases textile-based practices of over 50 artists within Australia and New Zealand, to represent the full spectrum of woven and non-woven techniques and a wide variety of printing and dyeing methods. This exhibition will be an ode to and celebration of laboured process, anthropological history of craft and cultural perspectives of fabric. Textiles have a rich history. Whether created for insulation, comfort, or decoration, out of utilitarian or luxurious raw materials, textiles represent the iconographic and ornamental expressions of their respective civilizations, as well as the geographic and historical paths by which the techniques and motifs employed in their creation have traveled from one civilization to another. Their portability in fact made them one of the most significant commodities in human history. The industrial revolution brought about the shift towards mass production, new materials and efficient techniques, however; artists have held onto the traditional weaving skills of the past. These skills are passed down through generations as tactile memory. Materiality takes us back to our primordial selves, sense of touch and connection to materials connects us to our past while being present and moving towards the future. Fabric holds so much information about society, about who we are, about industry, and what’s going on in the world.

Curated by Anna Fiedler, Madeline Simm and Tia Ansell

This exhibition is a part of CAVES Guest Curator Program 2021 - and made possible with support from Creative Victoria.

Tia Ansell - Lon Gallery
Matt Arbuckle - Daine Singer
Maggie Brink - Reading Room
Sarah CrowEST - Lon Gallery
Melinda Harper - Olsen Gallery
Kate Just - Finkelstein Gallery, Hugo Michell Gallery
Rachel Hope Peary - Laree Payne Gallery
Elizabeth Pulie - Sarah Cottier Gallery
Kathy Temin - Anna Schwartz Gallery
Kate Tucker - Daine Singer
Sera Waters - Hugo Michell Gallery
Louise Weaver - Darren Knight Gallery
Jahnne Pasco-White - STATION
Paul Yore - STATION, Hugo Michell Gallery
Emily Hartley Skudder - Jonathan Smart Gallery
Jacqueline Stojanovic - Hayden’s Gallery
Hannah Gartside - Tolarno Gallery
Nadia Hernández- STATION
Lucina Lane - Sarah Cottier Gallery
Vita Cochran - Anna Miles Gallery