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🎄 CLOSED for Summer holidays from 19 December, 2020 - 5 February, 2021 🎄 Coming up: Aaron Christopher Rees ~ PHOTO 2021 HORIZON 5 February - 6 March 2021

Constructed through the manipulation of photographic film, Horizon is a multichannel video and photographic installation about the systemisation of human vision. Proposing that our internalisation of the camera has caused a kind of terminal blindness to the natural world, the work explores its premise metaphorically, through post photographic and structuralist video techniques of making. Here, film is imagined as an iris—a boundary between world and viewer. Television screens in a vertical configuration are employed as virtual window frames—a ‘Zero Point’ of architecture—transmitting manipulated footage of the immediate space, and mirroring the glass high rise buildings visible from the gallery’s windows.
This project is supported by the City of Melbourne COVID-19 Arts Grants

Photo courtesy of the artist

Aaron Christopher Rees’ practice explores the mobilization of vision through the internalization of the camera and the ubiquity of the screen. Generating work through process based photographic and structuralist video techniques of making
Rees graduated from the VCA in 2015 with honours and has been the recipient of a number of prizes, amongst them the VCA Emerging Artist prize, The Blair Trethowan TCB Art Inc Award and the Orloff Family Charitable Trust award.
Rees has exhibited internationally and interstate, select exhibitions include: Vanishing Point - Incinerator Gallery, Tencome ‘Eyes of the hand,’ First Draft Gallery (NSW), Conditional Surplus - Channels Video Art Festival at Federation Square, Speculative Foundations - Sutton Gallery Project Space, Impressions of Mars - Visual Bulk (TAS), Transference - Bus Projects, The Bathhouse Show - Space Space Gallery (JPN), Is/Is not - West Space, 1/60; 5/5.0 - TCB, In the Epoc of the Near and Far - Grey Gardens Projects.