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Rozalind Drummond - PHOTO 2024 SCENARIO 1 - 24 March 2024

An ensemble of figures appear before us—each is engaged in different modes of performative actions, hinting at the choreographic potential of a collective movement. The group’s actions are suggestive of alternative systems of living and belief, with themes and motifs which are explored in readings about modernist counterculture, architecture, environmentalism, and cinema.

In these photographs and video works we find ourselves in a range of settings; public parks, the interior of empty or uninhabited buildings, houses, and community halls. Utilising collage and splicing images from one into another, these works generate a plurality of possible readings. The scenarios taking place in the images may suggest a shuffling of time frames, past into a possible future, future into the past.

Rozalind Drummond is a Melbourne based artist. Working across expanded photographic practice, performative action and video, her practice is essentially an exploration of spatial and natural environments. In 2020 she was selected to Curate a virtual exhibition for Bus Projects, at Collingwood Yards, titled, ‘Future Ourselves, Scenes’. In 2021 she commenced an Artist Residency with Wollongong University, NS.W. In 2022 she was offered Artist Residencies with the Bundanon Trust, N.S.W, and Point Nepean National Park, Portsea, Victoria. During 2022 a group of her images, ‘We were there, shifting space’ were exhibited in Light Boxes; at Carlton Library, this project was supported by Yarra City Arts. Her work was selected for The National Portrait Prize, National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, and The Bowness Prize, Monash Gallery of Art. At CAVES Gallery, Melbourne she was, Guest Curator in Residence with the group exhibition ‘Communal Atmosphere or The Space the air (Falls) behind you as you move’. In May she co-curated a group of Performances with Storm Gold at CAVES gallery, Melbourne. In August, she was selected as a Finalist in the Bowness Photography Prize at the Museum of Australian Photography, Melbourne. In 2024 she has been invited to exhibit at CAVES Gallery, for PHOTO 24.